Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scott Adams humbles me

Here's the conversation:
Personally, I'm quite comfortable paying taxes at the highest rate. It's like paying protection money to the Mafia, and I mean that in the best possible way. High taxes reduce the odds that jealous mobs will kill me for succeeding in my chosen field. Oh, and my taxes are also helping fund national defense, education, social program, and other good stuff. That's a win-win. But please don't insult me with arguments of fairness. Save the fairy tales for your kids. I know some of you will leave comments about your own fairy tales of Laffer Curve economics, in which lower tax rates stimulate the economy and fill the treasury with free money. And then someone will point out that economic growth in the Unites States has often coincided with higher tax rates. Can we agree that the Laffer Curve has been debunked everywhere but on Fox News?--Scott

Scott, are you saying that an economy with a 98% tax rate will outperform an economy with a 2% tax rate, in refuting Laffer? That seems a bit unlike you. But I get your point.--Cav

If you're looking at the two end points of the Laffer curve to decide if it's valid, your brain is broken.--Scott
I was a little surprised by his Dilbertian response. For some reason, I read his blog very differently than his comic strip. Maybe that was wrong of me.

Here are a few links as to why he might want to think about this more.  There's a lot out there worth considering, some from surprising sources.

Well, I suppose any type of marginal humility increase is a good thing.  Hopefully, I am little bit ahead of Adams at this juncture.

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