Monday, October 03, 2011

Quotes of the day

When it comes to business, everyone on Wall Street wants a piece of Warren E. Buffett. His presidential politics, however, appear to be another matter altogether. On Friday evening, Mr. Buffett was the host of a fund-raiser for President Obama at the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, typically a magnet for the who’s who of finance. Democrats had bet that the star power of one of the world’s richest men would draw an overflow crowd of Wall Street’s elite for an affair that ran $10,000 a plate, or $35,800 for one-on-one time with Mr. Buffett.Yet organizers had trouble drawing the biggest guns of finance. The president’s campaign reserved space for 130 guests but only 116 (including Democratic staff members) attended, according to people with knowledge of the matter but not authorized to speak on the record. And there were few marquee names on the guest list.  ... One person who attended described the atmosphere as subdued and said the event seemed to attract more Buffett followers than Obama supporters.--SUSANNE CRAIG and BEN PROTESS

In the last election, people were tripping over themselves to get on the Obama bandwagon. Things have changed; Wall Street is not happy being under attack by the administration.--Michael J. Driscoll

In the meantime, we deserve to lose. We deserve our pain. The pain is the only hope that we'll ever learn to win again.--Stephen Marche

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs think the tech journalists are all stupid. The sports people think that about the sports journalists. They don’t say that to the sports journalists, because they want the sports journalists to be nice to them. But the level of contempt is very high. You need to kind of cut through that. You’ve got to be willing to not be a member of the tribe. Like, you can think what you think about journalists, but don’t put me in that category, because I’m not that.--Michael Lewis

It’s long been the source of domestic strife. Are women really worse at parking than men? Sorry ladies, official figures have revealed the truth: we are not very good at parking a car. Almost a third of all women who failed their driving test last year came unstuck due to parallel parking.--Emily Andrews

It's weird to write something that you really don't like.--Francis Chan

Uh, I’m pretty sure Jesus told us to have faith like a child. And kids can’t read. Soooo…--Jon Acuff

I'll never be in Joe [Montana]'s category.--Tom Brady

Lots of players are on pace to do ridiculous offensive things, and then there's Wes Welker, who has 40 catches in four games. Reggie Wayne, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes have 40 too. Combined.--Peter King

... it is a waste of electrons to send me your resumé. ... I have seen dozens of top-ranked Ivy League graduates flame out (or worse, fizzle) over the years, mostly due to lack of energy, drive, or commitment to do what has to be done. Not because they weren’t smart enough; no, they were just too lazy or too entitled to get down in the mud and wrestle with the alligators, which is why we hire young cannon fodder like you in the first place. Survive the alligators, and you have a chance to rise into the haughty position of power, influence, and respect you feel you deserve. Don’t survive, and we’ll toss your mangled corpse out the back door onto a trash heap like a used Kleenex. Did I mention investment bankers are heartless bastards?--TED

When Mr. Obama was elected, some Americans believed he was serious about his campaign promises of immigration reform, an important issue for many voters. Those reforms were expected to include allowing more legal immigrants into the country for work, tourism, and study, and regularizing the status of many of the 11 million undocumented workers already in America. Three years later, immigration reform is more remote than ever. Once elected, the Obama administration has had other priorities, chiefly environmental and health policy. Our immigration policies remain a national embarrassment, confused and confusing and getting worse. Franz Kafka could never have imagined a more opaque, arbitrary, and unjust system than American immigration. It is a testament to the overwhelming attraction of America that people still seek to become Americans despite our immigration policies.--Diane Furchtgott-Roth
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