Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quotes of the day

The only people who win when the lawyers take over are the lawyers. No one else wins. ... Who is paying this kid who is one of the ten who filed the lawsuit in the antitrust case that has not even been drafted yet? Who's paying his bill? The four quarterbacks can probably pay for their own. But who is paying that player's bill? You think he is paying for his own lawyer? Hell no! So where is the money coming from? It doesn't seem to smell right to me.--Susan Tose Spencer

The Boston Red Sox came close to winning 100 games in six of the last eight seasons. Could this be the year they do it? Their lineup is loaded. Their rotation is strong. Their bullpen is improved. Their health is much better. And the addition of two of baseball's most productive players, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, makes them widely favored to reach the World Series for the third time in eight years.--AP
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