Monday, March 14, 2011

No No-Fly Zone, No Gaddafi Gone

I noted 5 days ago that the Intrade Gaddafi-Gone-In-2011 contract was fading a bit. It has since accelerated into a crash.


  1. Caveat,

    You stealing my stuff? :)

    - MMB

  2. MMB: oof, no, coincidence. But I see you posted hours earlier than I did. So I am behind you; you got there first. I am a low frequency trader compared to you.

    It looks bad b/c I usually post daily charts. I need to go all the way back to July 8 to find my last posted intraday graph. But if you click on the 'Intrade' label, you will find about 5 of them in 2010.

    I would have hat tipped if I had read your post and then posted myself. It was good of you to check in. Thanks!