Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quotes of the day

You can’t schedule quality time anymore than you can schedule, “fall in love time.” When you’re dating someone, you never say, “Hey let’s go to a movie, and then on the way out to the car, at about 8:15, I’ll look at you and realize ‘this is the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.’ We’ll have some ‘fall in love time.’ Does next Tuesday work for you?” Love and life don’t work that way. Quantity time creates quality time. Putting time into the proverbial “bucket” that so many counselors and authors have talked about over the years is what leads to quality time.--Jon Acuff

It’s not like this other crap system of seeking glory is any better.--Don Miller

... [European banks] could benefit from regulatory arbitrage opportunities and gain market shares [from US firms, thanks to elements of the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory law].--JPMorgan Cazenove

Dodd-Frank is a job killer. And its going to be killing high-taxpaying jobs. Raising income and wealth tax rates cannot offset government spending, if the government destroys income and wealth to begin with.--Cav

But so much of this [Wall Street] business is about relationships. When we recruit, we call it “fit,” which basically means, “Do I get along with this person?” And a lot of the time, if you have common friends or went to the same private school as somebody, it makes it much easier to get along. ... It’s not really about bringing women in. Once banks bring people in, they need to make an environment that people want to stay in. And banks have a reputation for not creating a very good environment for women or minorities. So they can pass the buck down, but then colleges can pass the buck down to high schools. I don’t see the point in doing that. ... Put half of what you’d put in your bathroom in your desk. Toothbrush, extra change of clothes, shoes. Man, it sounds so pathetic now.--Nina Godiwalla

[Raj Rajaratnam] exploited a corrupt network of people.--Federal prosecutor

[Galleon] hired professional research consultants [and its traders] questioned executives from companies themselves. They would analyze company’s published statements and regulatory filings [as part of] exhaustive research. The evidence will show that Raj did not cheat.--John Dowd, Rajaratnam defense attorney

About eighteen of the twenty [NYMEX] board members on the trip, according the staffer, wanted to go to the local [Dubai] brothels.--Leah McGrath Goodman
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