Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Our family hates purple

Bill Simmons wrestles with family loyalty. Sports loyalty, to be specific.

My daughter is the only Red Sox fan in her school. When the swarms of Yankee fans ask "Why?" she responds "'Cause they win!" which results in a lot of hurt groaning.  I am a blessed, wealthy man.

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UPDATE:  My favorite management consultant--diehard Yankee/Jets fan--tries to stir up Cameragate in my face for the upteenth time.  Here is my blowback:
Belichick's problems include doing too much to put his team in a position to win.  Sure, he took too liberal/literal interpretation of a poorly written rule.  An activist judiciary could do the same to an incompetent legislature or ancient Constitution, and it happens.

Sad that Captain Jeter couldn't let the best SS on his team play that position, or that he wants to be obscenely overpaid now. 

So who has more character?  I don't think its an easy answer.  Especially for a Yankee fan.

One reason I admire Mariano is that I think his character easily beats both of those knuckle heads. 

But Belichick is a winner who navigates economic realities.  And he helps fill stadiums and goose TV revenues.

Baseball stadiums are emptier each year, and losing viewers, as long as one team is allowed to have 6x the payroll of another.  The model destroys competition.

Jeter is now a whiner and a whiffer who never had defensive range, and has never modeled putting the team first, unless I missed something.

Sure, the Vampire Diary demographic likes him, in the biggest sports market in the world.  Heroic.
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UPDATE: I checked a baseball salaries database to see that Jeter thinks he's worth more than all 13 Pittsburgh Pirate starters. And all 13 San Diego Padre starters, too. More of the exemplary leadership baseball needs to refloat the sinking ship.

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