Friday, December 03, 2010

I bet his dog is a Chihuahua

Tom Moroney reports:
Pete Mulieri is an ex-New Yorker and now a stockbroker at Investment Technology Group in Boston, who walks his dog on a New York Jets leash and wears a Jets jersey to provoke New England Patriots fans.

“I do rub it in,” said Mulieri, 52, who also invites Patriots fans into his Hingham, Massachusetts, home to gaze upon a hand-painted Joe Namath mural and other mementoes.

He’ll be tailgating in his green-and-white Jets cap when the teams that share the best record in the National Football League clash at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Dec. 6.

Mulieri is part of a contrarian football cluster: Jets diehards who live in New England -- or, as Flushing, New York, expatriate and software services manager Paul Leone, 47, describes it, “in the belly of the beast.”
I walk the streets of New York wearing my Bosox lid and Pats jersey without my dog, who passed away several years ago. She was sweet, except when would-be thieves wandered in ... Probably would eat Belichick's dog for breakfast, never mind Petey's.

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