Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scott Sumner tells the Democrats how to get us to join their party


1. If they dumped Keynesianism and favored using monetary policy to target NGDP

2. If they favored replacing our current tax system with a progressive consumption tax

3. If they favored replacing the public school monopoly with universal vouchers.

4. HSAs through forced saving plus subsidies for the lower incomes

Progressive blogger Matt Yglesias already agrees with me on the first two, and Sweden adopted the third. Singapore combines the 4th with universal health care. So how can any progressive call me a reactionary Chicago-school economist?

I suppose what’s holding back vouchers in America is liberal sensitivity regarding our troubled racial history, and also a fear of religious schools. But that’s for another post.

I'm a registered independent. I vote Republican more than half the time, but give more than half of my campaign donations to Democrats. Hmph. This is beginning to sound like how I trade my P.A. (personal acount) ...

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