Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ochochinco and the Patriots' cornerback, Part Deux

Unfortunately, starting corner Leigh Bodden is out for the season with an injury. I posted his tweets with Chad Ochocinco earlier in the summer here.

Fortunately, second year defensive back Darius Butler has picked things up. Here is some of the exchange:

@dariusbutler28 are you gonna have safety help the entire game?

@OGOchoCinco my bad i took so long. I was lookin thru this film to see the last time some put a safety over top of 85

@DariusButler28 well you must be watching highschool film because there's a safety on every damn play leaning my way, ...

@OGOchoCinco which game u on? I jus got off the last two games u had last season. I don't even think they had a safety on the field most the game.

Some nice smack talk. As you can see I AM ready for some football.

Photo links here and here.

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