Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama appoints Supreme Court candidate with no bench experience?

I'm sure the outrage will be as vocal as Bush's appointment of Harriet Miers. Not.

I'm sure there were several worthy candidates with lower federal court experience, but their respective track records probably reflected some understanding of and respect for the Constitution.

Color me cynical.

Here is the Intrade contract for Elena Kagan:

She was the front runner, although Merrick Garland and Diane Wood also drew interest when the contracts were first listed back in April. The contracts have not expired, pending Senate confirmation.

UPDATE: William Easterly is much more sanguine. I like his observation:
One interesting aside relevant for today’s previous post. If Kagan is confirmed, the Supreme Court will consist of 6 Catholics and 3 Jews, none of whom would have been considered to fit the core definition of “white” before the mid-19th century in America.

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