Friday, May 14, 2010

FrugalDad's 44 ways to financial ruin

here, via Abraham. My Top 5:
5. Just get a degree…in anything. Don’t “just get a degree” for the sake of getting a degree. Learn something, and prepare to apply it in the real world.

15. Buy a car because you can “afford the payments.” Ever wonder why car dealers advertisers the cost of a car in monthly payments? It’s because writing $32,000 in window paint isn’t quite as catchy as $379 a month (for 60 months with a balloon payment at the end). See, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

22. Refuse to find disability insurance. After all, you are only 26, right? Who becomes disabled at 26? A lot of people. Illness, accidents and other bad things happen to young people, who are more likely to survive them disabled than die. Protect your new salary by finding disability insurance.

24. Marry the wrong person for the wrong reasons. Choice of spouse weighs heavily on future success or failure. They say opposites attract, but I’m not sure they stay together forever. Find someone who shares your dreams on subjects that matter most to you.

41. Shop for clothes with labels that impress your “friends.” It’s time to be a grown up. Impressing your friends with clothes is something we did in high school.

I'm a dad, and my nine-year-old would call me frugal. I'm so blessed, I'd call my wife frugal (although we did have a brush with #27).

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