Monday, August 03, 2009

Quotes of the day

So it’s finally come to pass – America has embarked on the same road down which ancient Rome marched to its ruin: Uncle Sam not only subsidizes bread (by subsidizing wheat production) but now also circuses.--Don Boudreaux

... why not impose a windfall profits tax on the place that really earns a windfall profit: Washington, DC?--Brian Wesbury

The president wants to govern America like a blue state. But for that to work, he’ll need the nation’s economy to start performing more like Texas.--Ross Douthat

It’s rather like getting a Picasso and saying, ‘You know, the canvas costs $200, the paint cost $300, so we’ll sell it to you for $500'.--Jeffrey Lindsay, on Yahoo and Microsoft's search deal

Private equity is an investment banker’s revenge.--Steve Fishman

He let the CEOs be the stars. [Steve] Rattner appeared to possess the subordinate ego in the room, an alpha carefully disguised as a beta. Rattner’s approach came naturally. He can seem effete, almost precious. He wears nicely cut suits with high-waisted pants, round tortoiseshell glasses, and speaks about almost every topic in the same even-toned, matter-of-fact way. “I’ve never encountered anybody with as much mojo who has less charisma,” says one person who worked for him.--Steve Fishman

... to stay very level and to focus on execution fits with the culture of this administration.--Larry Summers

[The Obama administration] acted unilaterally anytime it saw fit. --Steve Fishman

There’s nothing illegal about hiring a fixer. Like lobbyists, they sell access for a fee. Still, depending on circumstance, a fee can look like a bribe.--Steve Fishman

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