Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Efficient Market Hypothesis

on dating! I'm not surprised that women lie/deny more than men.

EconAnalyst has more in the comments:
My old roommate has a theory about dating that combines the EMH and the BCG Growth Share Matrix.

2 by 2 Matrix with 'the relative ease of them sleeping with you' on the vertical axis and 'attractiveness' on the horizontal axis.

Easy & Hot - Porn Stars
Easy & Less Than Hot - Question Marks? (One Night Stands)
Hard to Get & Hot - Wives
Hart to Get & Less Than Hot - Worthless

Superimposed over this grid is an efficiency frontier that is unique for every man, based on his attractiveness, income, x-factors and state of inebriation.

There are way more details but it all boils down to this:

Nerdy guys should spend less time thinking about women and more time talking to them.

Jessica adds in the same comments:
The single women I've known who complain all the good ones are taken are usually commitment-phobes who use that as the excuse why they're single or they over-estimate their own desirability to others i.e they work a dull job and sit and watch TV every night but want a guy who's well-read, has lots of hobbies, travels & is socially engaging.

Guys are usually single because they're too chickensh*t to go up and talk to anybody new.

My own 5-second theory is that guys who are wearing the wedding ring signal greater stability--steadier cashflow, steadier temperament, less days hungry, less chance of (date) rape. Of course, a guy that would wear the ring and go past flirting might actually be signaling a stronger risk of abuse.

A second ready-to-chuck theory is that a man who is happily married will converse with a single woman with greater poise, and without the agenda that might make a single man who is competing for affections seem creepy or nervous.

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