Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The problem with debates over objective and subjective beliefs

... is that we have no God-like entity to referee the debates. So all we can do is muddle through on our own. Science can make a lot of neat predictions, and hence is very useful, but only for our purposes. The way I like to think about these issues is to imagine a cat taking a nap on top of a big old boxy TV set. Does the cat know what he is sleeping on? She thinks she does. She thinks she knows that it is a 3 foot cube with a hard surface that gets a bit warm when noise and flickering light are emitted.--Scott Sumner
As a parent of 2 feisty kids, I can tell you that I've got much better things to do than to referee their debates. I don't expect a Creator-type of entity to referee mine.

This is deja vu, all over again, for some of us.

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