Friday, April 25, 2008

Ronald McKinnon also advocates for a fed rate increasing

citing not only the Taylor Rule, but also the Bagehot Rule (formulated a century earlier):

"We must look first to the foreign drain, and raise the rate of interest as high as may be necessary. Unless you can stop the foreign export, you cannot allay the domestic alarm. . . . And at the rate of interest so raised, the holders – one or more – of the final bank reserve must lend freely.

"Very large (domestic) loans at very high rates," Bagehot advised, "are the best remedy for the worst malady of the money market when a foreign drain is added to a domestic drain. Any notion that money is not to be had, or that it may not be had at any price, only raises alarm to panic and enhances panic to madness.
I suggested something similar last September. Taylor Rule context here.

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