Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joke of the day

at Perry Eidelbus's place:
Approaching the end of his presidency, George W. Bush works with the Democrat-controlled Congress to write a law giving a one-time $250,000 reparations payment to each black American descended from slaves. Democrats naturally support it wholeheartedly, and Bush convinces barely enough Republicans so it would pass: "Just trust me." But the GOP can't believe it when Bush proudly announces that he's invited Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to the signing ceremony.

So there's the trio in the Oval Office, surrounded by White House aides and the press. Jesse's thinking how the money will come in handy for his child support payments, and Al's dreaming of a hamburger run. Bush signs the bill and then asks the two, "Do you happen to have your checkbooks with you today?" Jesse and Al look at Bush quizzically and simultaneously say, "What do you mean?"

Bush replies, "Well, I guess you missed the key amendment that Republicans put in. Reparations will be paid out after deducting the costs of welfare, housing projects and other federal social spending for black Americans, and after giving reparations to descendants of Union Army men who died in the Civil War. Rather than receive $250,000, the GAO calculates that each black American instead owes $39,165."

Jesse blurts out, "That's ridiculous! I was never on welfare. Why should I pay for something that never involved me?"

Al blows up, "Yeah, and why should money go to the descendants who were never hurt themselves?"

Bush looks up with a smile, his eyes twinkling. "Bingo!"

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