Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The happy few voting against the stimulus package

Notice how all the talk about "fiscal responsbility", "budget deficits" and "national debt" all got muted ahead of the stimulus package? Must we suspend our wits for this?

So we inject $100 billion into the economy via government payouts. That is $100 billion that we will have to find somewhere else. In addition, it is not a frictionless transaction--we need to spend additional resources to service and consummate all the transactions. That service fee should add a few billion on top of the payments.

Here are the 16 Senators and the 35 Representatives who kept their wits:

AZ: Sessions, Shelby
AK: Murkowski
AZ: Kyl
CO: Allard
ID: Craig, Crapo
NE: Hagel
NV: Ensign
NH: Gregg
OK: Coburn, Inhofe
SC: DeMint
TN: Corker
WY: Barrasso, Enzi

AR: Berry
AZ: Flake, Shadegg
CA: Campbell, Hunter, Loretta, Rohrbacher, Royce
CO: Tancredo
FL: Boyd, Wexler
GA: Broun, Deal, Gingrey, Kingston, Linder, Price, Westmoreland
IL: Johnson
MN: Peterson
MS: Taylor
NC: Coble
OH: Kaptur
TN: Cooper
TX: Burgess, Gohmert, Paul, Poe
VA: Davis (Tom), Forbes, Goode
WA: Baird, Smith
WI: Sensenbrenner
WY: Cubin

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