Thursday, December 06, 2007

The War is running up the score on Congress, 40-20

so says Don Surber:
In November, Gallup pegged the Congressional job approval at 20% with 69% disapproval.

In December, Gallup found that 40% of Americans think the Surge is working, 39% say not working.

And while 57% now say going into Iraq was a mistake, 41% say it was not a mistake.

Apparently 69% say electing this Congress was a mistake. Only 20% apparently believe this Congress was not a mistake.

Surber also believes that Iran scuttling it's warhead program was caused by the commencement of the Iraq War, which also prompted similar reversals by Libya. Correlation and causation are different things; coincidences happen all the time. But the risk of overreacting on spotty intelligence sure beats ostrich policy (dig hole in sand, stick head in). Hopefully, our esteemed politicians can improve on reducing both alpha (erroneous actions) and beta (erroneous inactions) distributions.

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