Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My good friend Buc asked me about the Dow today

in the Pit. Here's what I said:
2iron: hi cav...market is set to bottom in the next 1 week to 1 month imo.
caveatbettor: i agree, but if the central banks keep doin stuff, it will be hard to touch bottom
caveatbettor: taf, siv, fed funds, discount ...
caveatbettor: it's like the market has to deliver the stillborn baby, but the anesthesiologist dopes the market up so she can't push
which is actually a horrible and tragic metaphor. Instead, I wish all of you healthy babies and safe deliveries.

UPDATE: The ever brilliant Megan McArdle agrees that the Fed is quite silly.

UPDATE: My doping illustration is matched at FT Alphaville, half a day later.

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