Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scott Boras just misses the top of the market for his client?

The money, certainly in NYC, is generally nervous. Markets are pretty much at all time highs, and most managers of money see more potential downsides than upsides.

I think this is why the Boras Team is assembling such a treatise on the economics of A-Rod staying with the Yankees. Because, despite the other large market teams who would be logical alternatives to sign him, no responsible manager of baseball talent would invest half, a third, or even a fourth of their entire payroll on one player. (I'm thinking, like in equities portfolio management, one-seventh is the cap for one player--and that should not be a long-term position). So, to pay him his preferred $30 mil for even a single year, the total team payroll should top $210 million, and the Yankees are the only ones who can go there.

Bill Simmons and one of his astute readers agree:

Q: How about Bob Brenly accurately describing the astounding ambivalence of Eric Wedge (and Carmona) toward A-Rod in that ninth-inning at-bat in Game 2? Tying run on second, open base, two outs in the ninth of a 1-1 game, and you PITCH to the HR, RBI, runs scored, and ninth-inning batting average leader in all of baseball?!? Amazing how heavy the postseason baggage is for A-Rod.
--Chris, Philly

SG: Yeah, I don't think you'll see that moment mentioned in Scott Boras' 200-page pamphlet that will be handed to every baseball team as he's gunning for a $300 million contract. By the way, in the aforementioned podcast, JackO mentioned a Jimmy Chitwood-type scenario in which A-Rod tells the media, "Torre stays, I stay ... he goes, I go" and becomes a hero in New York for sticking up for his manager. (Note: Rivera pulled this move Wednesday but A-Rod's gesture would carry more weight and change the way he's perceived by Yankees fans forever. Of course, he'd never do it because Boras would tie him up in Zed's basement and stick a red rubber ball in his mouth for the entire winter before letting it happen, but still.)

It's up to you, New York, New York (queue the brass section). These are now available for your trading pleasure:

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