Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time to short Edwards?

From Tigerhawk, this was pretty amusing and also trade-provoking:
{Edwards} claims he went to work for a hedge fund in "order to learn about the relationships between financial markets and poverty."

Yeah. Hedge funds are full of people who think deeply about the relationship between their business and the distribution of wealth. You know, just like soup kitchens are full of people who understand that volatility is a tradeable asset.

What a maroon.
And a prescient commenter, Charlottevillian, says:
Edwards is done. He has to now cater to the lunatic fringe because its all he has. His "two Americas" meme has been completely discredited by his own absurd life. Between the disclosure of his $400 haircuts funded by his campaign, his massive compound, and now his exploration of poverty through hedge fund management, he has become our own Marie Antoinette. Talk about unforced errors!

I just hope he stays in the race long enough to engage in some real primary debates. That could be fun.
So I went and sold 1 DEM.NOM.EDWARD @ 8. (I am also long some OBAMA, RICHRDSN, and WARNER--the last 2 are underwater).

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