Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Senior ESPN writer thinks Patriots should have kept Branch

What?!? This is an exact quote from Jeffri Chadiha's article:
Why didn't the Patriots just pay former wide receiver Deion Branch in the first place? It would've saved them a lot more cash this offseason. It would've given them a better chance at beating Indianapolis in last season's AFC Championship Game.
But Senior ESPN Writer Chadiha never specifies the savings. I beg to differ. This is was my analysis back in April:
Considering Deion Branch is costing the Seahawks $8 mil this year (and $22 mil in the first 3 years of his $38 mil contract), having Randy Moss for $3-5 mil for just this season looks much nicer. That means the Patriots have $12 mil in cap space that they can allocate this season and next, plus the perceived upgrade from Branch to Moss this season. Win now, plus win next season.
Had Chadiha just said "it usually takes more than a year for receiver to learn a new offensive system" instead of making false claims about money, I would not be all over him/her.

C'mon, ESPN, you are demonstrating why big media outlets need to be held accountable by wee blogger fishies like me.

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