Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jim Geraghty pretty much sums up my thoughts...

on the debate

My thoughts:

Paul- I don't even know why you run as a republican and not as a libertarian/independent.
Romney- I want to believe him but I just can't, too slick.
Guliani- ups and downs; strongly disagree with him on abortion (think huckabee framed debate very well); bitch-slapped ron paul
McCain- decent performance; disagree on the torture issue (nation-states think about the Geneva convention, terrorists don't); stuck to his positions
Hunter- impressed me at times; but just wont win it
Brownback- im a religious conservative too; but i am not voting for him
Gilmore- dont really remember
Thompson- is he from wisconsin or something?
Huckabee- i like him; hes personable; reminds me a little bit of John Edwards in presentation/looks; I've seen him speak in person as well; likeable (possible VP choice)

My Conclusion:
Don't really care for another debate until august/september or so; lets throw guliani, mccain, romney, fred thompson, and gingrich in to see what comes out of it.

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