Friday, November 13, 2009

Quotes of the day

In the beginning of [Peyton Manning's] career, I felt it was easy to get into his head. We thought all we had to do was hit the Colts in the mouth and they would fold. This Patriots-Colts matchup didn't turn into a rivalry until they beat us in the AFC championship game. That's when they proved they were legit in our eyes. Peyton has come a long way and so have the Colts. The Patriots truly respect them now.--Tedy Bruschi

Now I realize Joe Montana was traded. Jerry Rice was released. Randy Moss was traded. Bill Belichick got fired. This is borrowed time for us. Enjoy the time you have because one day it’ll be you.--Tom Brady

When [Abdul Jabbar] announced his battle with leukemia this week, you know what happened? I felt terrible for him and hoped he would recover soon. I may have disliked him as a player, but still, my life as a sports fan was always more interesting with Kareem in it. Again, there's a difference between real hate and sports hate. ... Welcome to my sports world in 2009: a place where Manning is feared, Kobe is a champ, A-Rod is clutch, the Yankees have good chemistry, and I have no idea whether the Patriots are tough enough to beat the Colts. Forget about lighting myself on fire. Too easy. I'm leaning toward giving myself a colonic with a leaf blower.--Bill Simmons

There is only so much alpha -- that excess return above a baseline average -- to be had in an efficient market. The incentive to create some artificial alpha one way or another is very high. Those who bend the rules successfully post good numbers, which adds to pressure on other Wall Streeters to push the gray boundaries of legal information flow. --Alice Schroeder

Economics as currently practised may have only a slight grip on market behaviour, but it seems to be powerfully predictive of the behaviour of economists.--John Gray

The next Alexander Solzhenitsyn might be neutralized before he even had the time to compose his first tweet.--Evgeny Morozov

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