Monday, November 02, 2009

Great post on leadership

by Timothy Saint and Nicholas Smith, a couple of Marine platoon commanders, each of whom have completed 2 tours in Iraq. Here's the summary:
  • Respect your subordinates, and make sure they know you respect them.
  • Honor success. Making it clear that you know who is doing the best work isn't the same as playing favorites -- anyone can get that same respect and honor by doing better work.
  • Listen to your subordinates. Let them do things their way whenever possible.
  • Ask before you reprimand. If you start screaming as soon as things go badly, you will look foolish and weak when your team has an explanation.
  • Make your orders clear and concise.
  • Leading is frightening; don't give in to that fear or overcompensate for it.
  • Follow up. If a task is important enough for you to assign, it should be important enough for you to follow-up on. Inspecting the results of the least glamorous tasks shows you aren't above them.
  • Make your expectations crystal clear from day one.
  • Get over yourself.
  • Once you make a decision, stick to it, and make sure everyone falls in line.
  • Teach these lessons to your subordinates. If they can't or won't learn them, fire them.

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