Thursday, November 05, 2009

Chart of the day

From my favorite management consultant:

I am all for education. Not that progressive scatology that has been sweeping the nation for a couple of generations now and is in desperate need of reform, but real education.

Now I am the first one to concede that test scores are not a great measure of education outcomes. But they are much, much better than measuring how much money has been thrown at the problem.

UPDATE: I forgot to point this out in the original post, but the NEA collects $300 million annually in dues. And guess where 10% of that gets directly allocated? If you said 'politicians', then you are just the type of informed and thoughtful person that has defeated the government-education complex's conspiracy to keep us poor and stupid. You will just be kept poor. After taxes.

Roughly half of the budget looks like it goes to managing relationships with various special interest groups.

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