Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I'm having a hard time remembering, I guess, being a bit sleep deprived with a newborn in the apartment, plus the late start of school this year.

My wife was furiously pushing my firstborn in the stroller up Broadway from our apartment in Tribeca, and then had turned east less than a minute before the first tower collapse enveloped Broadway in dust and smoke and debris. She had seen the second plane crash, having called me about the first tower being on fire, as our living room windows looked straight out to the Twin Towers.

And now I have another baby in the house, and probably have some kind of block in thinking back to that day, given what ensued--my wife and child did not move back into our home for several months. It's hard to imagine any baby being engulfed in the collapse, especially mine. And to think about all those kids who've gone more than half their lives now, without their parent who was caught in the towers.

I liked Jules' take on looking eight years back, especially his highlighting of Rick Rescrla, who was the security chief for Morgan Stanley.

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