Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quotes of the day

As in Stringfellows, you should look but not touch [female acolytes]. Be warned by the fates of too many of the protagonists in Middlemarch, The History Man and I Am Charlotte Simmons. And in any case, you should have learnt by now that all cats are grey in the dark.--Matthew Reisz

[Feminists:] A group of ladies who talk about how unfair life is.--unattributed child

I first read Murray Rothbard when I was seventeen years old, and suddenly my whole high school made sense. Lazy teachers, guys with college degrees teaching gym, required drama classes, and lies, lies, lies everywhere. --Bryan Caplan

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd’s plan for a single bank regulator may set up a fight with House colleague Barney Frank and the Obama administration and might slow the overhaul of financial rules.--Alison Vekshin

One of the ways that governments try to "win" debates is to make debate by the other side illegal. This is what [Health and Human Services] is doing, at the behest of Senator Baucus.--David Henderson

If you are going to repeatedly refer to "my plan" or "this plan" or "the plan I'm proposing," then unless you have a plan you are lying. The only question is whether it is a little lie or a big one. Obviously, most people think it is only a small lie, or the President would have been called out on it. However, I think that health care policy is an area where there is too much temptation to promise results that are economically impossible to achieve. In that context, my opinion is that giving a speech in favor of a nonexistent plan is a really big lie.--Arnold Kling

You young men seem to think that if you sit on the world long enough you will hatch something out. But you're wrong.--Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The third, and most cogent reason for restricting the interference of government, is the great evil of adding unnecessarily to its power. Every function superadded to those already exercised by the government, causes its influence over hopes and fears to be more widely diffused, and converts, more and more, the active and ambitious part of the public into hangers-on of the government, or of some party which aims at becoming the government.--John Stuart Mill

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