Wednesday, April 01, 2009

As bad as things are in America

and yes, they are bad, at least we can be trusted with Second Amendment rights. Not so much Europe:
Thousands of G-20 protesters jammed downtown London on Wednesday and some tried to storm the Bank of England, pelting police with eggs and fruit and rocking the barricades designed to control them.

Demonstrators shouted "Abolish Money!" and clogged streets in the financial district known as "The City" even as Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Barack Obama held a news conference elsewhere in the British capital.

So many of the educated folks here in the Northeast think it's enlightened to become more like Europe. Don't count me among my neighbors.

Remember Bernie Madoff being slowed down by a TV camera? He'd be dead if he had been found walking a major throughfare across the Atlantic.

Be careful what you wish for.

Photo link here.

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