Friday, February 04, 2011

Quotes of the day

... like many value guys, he can be early (on trading desks, they call that “wrong”).--Barry Ritholtz

Buy in thirds.  ... You buy the first third immediately without hesitation just to put it in play (relief!).  If your target equity runs up and away, at least you're in it and there'll be a lid on your self-loathing.  Should the stock or the markets in general drop, however, you'll not be trapped in a full position.--Joshua Brown

The best kid in the country [I could hire] may be at like Bowling Green, right. But to go to Bowling Green, interview 20 kids just to find that one needle in the haystack doesn't make sense, when you can go to Harvard it's like 30 kids that are all super qualified and great.--Investment banker

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