Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Justin Wolfers swings

and misses. I believe he is trying to get us all to believe that Larry Summers has had a bigger influence in the field of economics than F.A. Hayek (and, in my comment, he infers that Summers looms larger James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Jesus Christ in the history of the dismal science).

Surprising; I hope this is a rare occurrence.

UPDATE: Bill Easterly observes:

Hayek knew that the Right was hypocritical about individual rights as much as the Left. The latter dictates what you can’t do in the market, the former wants to dictate almost everything else.

Although Wolfers doesn’t do this, many readers of his blog will fall for that classic trick, the Reverse Ideological Rejection: because ideologues like Hayek, therefore I should (ideologically) reject Hayek. This is in the same class as “Hitler liked Wagner’s Ring, therefore I should hate Wagner’s Ring.”

It’s sad that Hayek has been the victim of so many violations of the intellectual freedom for which he was one of the most eloquent and courageous spokesmen ever.

UPDATE: Tyler throws a chiding tsk-tsk.

UPDATE: David Skarbek puts Wolfers down with a single jab. Will Wolfers be able to get back up?

UPDATE: Jacob Levy counts coup, too.

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