Friday, March 19, 2010

Cornell-Temple semi-live blog (it's quadruple witching)

2:31 Final 78-65. "Big Red: Big Time!"--Jim Nantz

2:30 Best. Expiry. Ever. See you Sunday. I hope it's a late game; I've got to take one of the kids to an awards ceremony.

2:24 I knew engineers in the band back in the 80s. These traveling musicians look just as geeky, 25 years later.

2:09 Dale banks a 3, opens it up to an 18 point game.

2:07 My favorite management consultant is watching it with the Faithful in Union Square, at sideBAR. He reports the bar is going wild.

2:02 "Big Red: Big Lead."--Jim Nantz. How great is it to have CBS' clichemaster calling this one? 63-48, biggest lead yet.

2:00 Lucky 13! Cornell leads 61-48.

1:55 54-44. Wittman is 4 for 5 from downtown.

1:44 Big Red starting to throw in the bombs. Biggest lead yet, 46-34.

1:25 Cornell made 43% of their 3-point attempts during the regular season.

1:23 From CBS halftime report: Temple only turned over the ball 10 times per game during the season; already 8 in this game. Cornell has yet to light up the three pointers; only 2 so far.

1:20 Halftime, 37-29. Cornell shoots 68% from the field.

1:17 Foote sinks both free throws; Cornell matches its largest lead of 11.

1:15 35-26 Cornell. Cornell defense set in a 1-3-1 zone, and forced another turnover.

1:05 Seniors Louis Dale and Jeff Foote are playing loose. They've been here before, getting beaten out by Missouri last year, and Stanford in 2008 (those pesky Lopez brothers).

1:03 Red's 2-3 zone looks like its giving the Owls some challenges.

12:53 Cornell's defense looks great; forcing lots of turnovers.

12:46 Commercial break. Head coaches Donahue and Dunphy worked together at Penn from 1990-2000; they know each other very well.

12:45 19-11 Cornell, biggest lead yet.

12:33 Big Red takes the lead!

12:31 This is probably the best Big Red team in my lifetime.

12:30 Cornell is the best 3-point shooting team in the NCAA? Wow. Temple is great at defending the 3.

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