Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Closing the education achievement gap

at Freakonomics.

I think the same methods in education should be applied to my achievement gap in basketball. I feel much more comfortable on the football gridiron, baseball diamond, and tennis court. But I've always been awkward on the basketball court.

Some of its how much coaching I get, and how much my family/friend/community subcultures value basketball. But some of it is going to be my personality, my genetic makeup, and how much I care to improve.

I don't think it would be right to give me an affirmative action spot on an NCAA or NBA team, though. Do you? Do the "experts"?

UPDATE: The WSJ cites studies that find a large scarcity of skilled workers, as well as the the increase in overall employment created by filling the unmet demand of skilled workers. America is not producing skilled workers in high enough supply. Rahm Emmanuel, senior policy adviser to President Clinton and congressman from Illinois, says:
If we don't have a well-trained work force, it won't matter whether we put up walls or hammer out new agreements. Our workers' standards of living will continue to fall.

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