Thursday, March 20, 2008

36: The Gary Parrish March Madness viewing guide

is here, covering the first 36 hours of the tournament (unless you count the play-in game on Tuesday). Parrish cracked me up in trying to save my marriage:
Friday 5:10 ET: At this point, all the games should be over with no more starting for two hours. This is when you should talk to your wife. Make her think you still care about her, then get settled in for the round of night games.
MM On Demand looks better than ever, so check that out if you have never used it before.

Not many planning to watch Stanford's Big Twins take on the Big Red of Cornell, but I will be one of the faithful.

UPDATE: Eddy Elfenbein on the last 23 years of tournament seedings:
The #8 or #9 seed is really screwed because they always must play a #1 in the second round. Only 12 #8 or #9 teams have made it past the second round.

On the other hand, #12 is a pretty good seed. Those teams have a losing, but respectable record against the #5 seeds. A total of 14 number #12 seeds have made it past the second round.

My guess is that the seeds increase linearly while quality increases geometrically. The difference between a #12 and a #5 is probably about the same as a #1 and a #3.

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