Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to cut the price of gasoline by 30 cents

Import our ethanol from Brazil! Says President Lula:
I believe that it is a mistake to try to produce ethanol from corn. I believe it's a mistake. Why so? Because corn is the basic animal food for many animals that are being raised by human beings, and it could make it very expensive, the price of the corn for all the rest of the world. The corn prices could go up, and above all, it could make unfeasible the purchase of meat, because of the corn price, especially for those countries like Mexico and from Central America that eat a lot of tortillas. And so they're going to suffer the consequences.... And then, another important thing is that ethanol produced from sugarcane, it's cheaper than the ethanol that is produced from corn.
I guess whoever voted for those corn ethanol subsidies and ethanol tariffs prefers us to pay more for gas. Or thinks that some agricultural special interests are more important than working families (and unemployed families, who need cheap gas and the jobs cheaper gas would create).

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