Monday, March 12, 2007

My Bracket

This is the time of year where Spring is in the air, the Madness begins, and every "analyst/pundit" bellows from their ivory tower with 100% certainty that only they the ability to foresee the ncaa tourney results. Never mind that no one saw George Mason. Never mind that two #2 seeds got knocked out in Round 2 in the past two tourneys. Never mind that a high seeds keep managing to crack the Final Four due to growing parity. However, I will disclose my picks and insight without all the garbage analysis that goes along with it (which is 95% wrong). Please feel free to disclose yours as well in the comments section.

My Final Four:

Ohio State

(I know... boring= someone unexpected gets in)

My Upsets:

No. 11 Winthrop over ND, Oregon, and then Wisconsin
No. 10 Creighton over Nevada and Memphis
No. 9 Michigan State over Marquette and UNC

Who I will be cheering for:

No. 5 Butler
No. 7 UNLV
No. 11 Winthrop
No. 7 Indiana

National Champion:

Ohio State over Florida

Good luck to all!

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