Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guliani to the Moon!

Price for 2008 Republican Pres Nominee(Others on Request) at

Former Mayor Rudy Guliani has been on a tear throughout all 2007. The chart only confirms what what the RCP polling averages have been saying all along. Rudy has been considered the front-runner from the very beginning despite the MSM trying to state otherwise (that is McCain being the favorite). I know I went on record not too long ago saying McCain would walk away with the nomination if Iraq went well. I ,like everybody else addressing this subject, spoke too soon. Iran has since been stirring up trouble, the Fairness Doctrine nonsense was brought up by Kucinich which also brought up McCain-Feingold, and there seems to be more flip-flopping by literally every candidate in both parties except for Rudy. There seems to be speculation that conservatism is dead. I, for one, do not believe that because George W. Bush was never and will never be a true conservative. Rush says it best, "There appears to be a lack of leadership in the Conservative movement". People that see Conservatism on the ropes may want to think back to the 2004 election when many people began to write off liberalism. However, since then liberalism/populism has since roared back. Arguments can be made why this is so, but every conservative I know, acknowledges that the conservatives in Congress ceased to be conservative (and I don't mean social conservative, to me, social conservatism was a reaction to the 90s multiculturalism, relativism, etc). I believe people want government to be efficient, the amount of inconsistencies/scandals that get reported I think are symptoms of the disease of bureaucracy. With Steve Forbes backing Guliani today, we see an ideal candidate who has been there before and cleaned up a mess many deemed impossible.

A few things that could come into play during debates/primaries/elections that I have noticed. 1) How will the media treat Guliani's stuttering? If it were Bush, they would be all over it. Has he proved himself "intelligent"?

2) I noticed this while watching the news in Austin (the same time Barack Obama was down there campaigning). The man is LANKY! Jim Geraghty of The Hillary Spot at National Review noticed this as well. During the debates, will the media try to hide the fact or expose it? Remember, JFK beat Nixon on appearances in debates.

3) Speaking of appearances, Hillary supposedly does not look good in HD. I do not have HD but it does through a wrinkle in there. Right now she seems to be walking to the Dem nomination untouched but the general election is where I believe she will have trouble.

Feel free to leave any comments or observations. Speculation is the grease that skids the tracks (not sure if that is a real saying but it sounds good).

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