Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time to wake up and smell the coffee Mexico

Those of you who follow this blog have learned that I have adopted soccer as of late as one of my favorite sports. My interest in soccer was nil until summer school in college a few years ago. Bored out of my mind since most people were gone I developed a new-found love for the Texas Rangers and followed the Euro Cup 2004. Since the Euro Cup, I didn't pay much attention to the sport until the World Cup this last year where I tried to watch every game. I can see why now it is the world's most popular sport. The pride, the history, the tense moments, the explosion when a goal is finally scored. So last night I was absolutely thrilled when the US beat Mexico 2-0 in an international friendly on US soil (albeit Mexican fans outnumbered US fans). This win gives the US much more confidence after an abysmal World Cup performance (although we were in the toughest group by far with the Czech Rep, Ghana, and Italy). But my main point is that Mexico is stuck in its own hubris about its superiority. Until the year 2000, the US was no more of a small dog biting at ankles. Since 2000, the US has gone 8-2-1 against them with the only 2 losses coming in smog filled, high-altitude Mexico City. Mexico has not even scored a goal against the US in the past 8 games here! Luis Bueno at sums up the game perfectly here. Mexico is in a state of denial.

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