Saturday, February 24, 2007

TEN mgmt reply, and Todd's reply to them

Read the whole exchange here.

Todd is just brilliant; here is an excerpt from his latest reply:
I hope you feel I represented your email fairly, ideally, and intact like you seemed concerned that I wouldn't. My goal here was not to make you look bad, but to make you understand what its like on the other side of the computer screen. And that is obviously a position no one at TEN has every taken the time to view their business structure from. Maybe you feel everything works great, but from the support of my ideas in many forums by huge volume traders, not just the TEN forum, things are not running smoothly from our perspective.

I am aware of the split. I honestly feel bad for whichever company is keeping the current management. Hopefully, whichever site gets the new management; they are more open to suggestions that would benefit customer satisfaction and corporate bottom line. The current management does not seem to have the desire to create the industry leader that is so often referred to in statements from management. When your users/customers call you the industry leader, only then will it be reality.

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