Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is the temptation to meddle in North Korea the result of a cultural bias?

I think its something that is hard wired much deeper:
With China's help, North Korea's economy could be booming in a few years, mostly because of mining. For the ruling elite, that would make the selling of nuclear secrets less profitable than good ol' Russia-style domestic corruption, and far riskier.

My entire knowledge of international affairs is based on several one-day visits to Canada and four days napping on a beach in Cancun. My views on North Korea, and most other topics, can be safely ignored. I'm just curious whether our cultural bias is causing us to rationalize meddling in North Korea.
Well, Scott, you've given me some food for thought, and you do have a lot more private sector experience than other people I listen to, like economists and the current President.

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