Thursday, May 08, 2008

More corruption mongering at the World Bank

On April 21, the bank released the findings of a corruption probe into a $100 million "demobilization and reintegration" scheme in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which uncovered "sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations of fraud, corruption and disallowed expenses." The very next day, April 22, the bank announced that it had approved an additional $50 million grant for – drumroll, please – the same "demobilization and reintegration" scheme in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This two-step is worth pondering as the World Bank struggles to implement a credible anticorruption strategy. On Monday, the bank announced the appointment of South Africa's Leonard McCarthy to lead the bank's internal anticorruption unit, known as INT. Mr. McCarthy, who previously led the (now disbanded) "Scorpions" anticorruption unit that investigated bribery allegations involving ANC leader Jacob Zuma, has a reputation for political courage that he will need in his new job.

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