Monday, December 05, 2011

Quotes of the day

Ironically, the topic of [my Harvard economics] lecture that the protesters chose to boycott was economic inequality, including a discussion of recent trends and their causes.
like most economists, I don’t view the study of economics as laden with ideology. Most of us agree with Keynes, who said: “The theory of economics does not furnish a body of settled conclusions immediately applicable to policy. It is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique for thinking, which helps the possessor to draw correct conclusions.”
That is not to say that economists understand everything. The recent financial crisis, economic downturn and meager recovery are vivid reminders that we still have much to learn. Widening economic inequality is a real and troubling phenomenon, albeit one without an obvious explanation or easy solution. A prerequisite for being a good economist is an ample dose of humility.
My fervent hope is that any students who are still protesting the class will return — and that, while recognizing our limitations, they will learn from us what they can. A few might choose to become economic researchers themselves. Their contributions will surely be welcome. They might even improve the next generation of textbooks.--Greg Mankiw

"Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae" which translated from Latin means "Truth for Christ and the Church."--Harvard motto, adopted in 1692

If there’s any strong ideological undercurrent in Mankiw’s teaching, I would say that it’s Nerdism: the belief that people should listen to, and learn from, nerds…. Because believe me—and I say this with genuine respect and affection—Mankiw is a nerd’s nerd.--Connel Fullenkamp

Down-on-her-luck protester Tracy Postert spent 15 days washing sidewalks and making sandwiches at Zuccotti Park — then landed a dream job at a Financial District investment firm thanks to a high-powered passer-by who offered her work.--CYNTHIA R. FAGEN

I'm in the sort of sustainability space around kind of bringing synergistic value-add to other people's work around this kind of space.--Dan Palotta's Valley Girl 2.0

You should meet this guy with the SIO. He's sort of this kind of social entrepreneur thinking outside of the box in the sustainability space and working on these ideas around sort of web-based social media, and he's in a round two capital raise in the VP space with the people at SVNP.--Dan Palotta, again

It was fifeteen years ago today that Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan gave his famous "irrational exurberance" speech, suggesting that U.S. equities were overvalued.
Between then and now, on an annualized basis,
the return on the U.S. stock market has been 5.55 percent.
the return on the U.S. bond market has been 5.98 percent.
Score that as one point for Alan.--Greg Mankiw

America looks like Mexico of the 70’s – 90’s. The last election cycle brought us the biggest economic crisis in 70 years. The next election will be no different. Dozens of landmines have been planted. They are timed to go off in 2013. Some may be fixed, others kicked further down the road. However the odds of the country addressing all of the things that have been programmed to explode is, in my opinion, close to zero. One or more of these things is going to trip us up. There are too many big issues to confront. When history looks at this period it will point to the incredible mismanagement of the economy that has taken place. A crisis is being programmed. It will go off like clockwork; it is now set on autopilot. I blame the partisan politics in D.C. for setting the country up for a big fall. But the reality is that the politicians are deeply divided because the voters are equally divided.--Bruce Krasting

Why are men less willing to work with a woman who attempts to negotiate?--John Carney

1) Does imprisonment reduce crime? Yes.
2) Do many crimes cause considerable harm and hardships to victims? Yes.
3) Does America imprison too many people?  In light of my answers to 1) and 2) you might expect my answer to this question to be “no”, but it is a strong “yes”.--Gary Becker

Hang up some stained glass windows. Where? I don’t know. I’m not in charge of logistics. My job is awesome ideas. And nothing says old school like a 3,000 pound stained glass window.--Jon Acuff
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