Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is the longest I have listened to an Obama speech since his inaugural

He was doing a pretty good job in front of the United Nations General Assembly.  Started off with his strengths:  the sweep of history, and the oratorical flourishes, the stuff that David Brooks really misses.

Now (10:30am-ish, EST) he is tacking toward saving the domestic Jewish vote he desperately needs for reelection without offending his pro-Palestinian base, while putting the problem back on Israel and Hamas et al, so he's really bogging down.  I haven't turned my CNBC squawk off yet, but I am really tempted to.

Photo link here.

UPDATE:  Ooh, even quoted the Bible.  I don't remember him doing that since he took the White House.  Hoping to keep some Christian votes in 2012, too!

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