Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jake Tapper gets it

I hope you do, too.

He compares the President Obama of January 2010 to the version of April 2011

Reelection's in the air!

UPDATE: Greg Mankiw, too:
I must applaud the President for today's speech in which he finally and at long last takes the long-term budget imbalance seriously. There was a surprising amount of finger pointing for a person who claims to be transcending partisanship. That is especially true in light of the fact that President Obama's proposed policies, as put forth in his own annual budgets, have never shown how he would put the economy on a path with a declining debt-GDP ratio, even after the economy fully recovers from the recession.

But let's put that inconvenient truth aside for the moment. I am delighted that these fiscal issues are now squarely on the national agenda. If only someone could lock President Obama and Congressman Ryan in a seedy hotel room, turn off their access to cable, give them an endless supply of coffee and cold sandwiches, and not let them leave until they come to agreement, the nation could take a large step forward.

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