Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why some secrets and privacy is a good thing

Mr. Wolf provides the apophatic case:
This posting is for all those 'James M' types out there- who write us trying to convince us that there are no 'secrets' or supposed to be any 'secrets' in the military or government.

Well, I tell you what. I'm a man of my word- you can ask any of the gents on here- and I'm going to propose a tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo to all you "haud specialis" types out there.

Here's the offer: if you truly believe there are no secrets, and that there are no cause for 'secrets', then I would like you to post, in the comments to this entry, the following items:

Your Social Security Number
Your Credit Card Numbers (to include expiration dates and CVV numbers on the back)
Your REAL name
Your current address
Your date of birth
Your bank account number/routing number
The last 3 years of IRS tax returns. You can transpose them into the comments or link to a page with them.


See, my taxes paid for the Social Security Administration to process your info and give you a number. I have a right to that information since my taxes generated it. My taxes also bailed out financial institutions, and keeps banks afloat/guarantees (thru FDIC) your money, so we should share that info. I won't ask you to share your money, just the information. That's all. My taxes paid for the IRS to process your returns, and to store them. So, I should have access to that paperwork as well. It's a government agency, and they should not be keeping 'secrets' from me. Fair is fair.

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