Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quotes of the day

Secretary Geithner's reform proposal ... on the table is analogous to our response to airline terrorism by frisking grandma and taking away everyone's shampoo in that it gives the appearance of officially "doing something" and adds to our bureaucracy without making anything safer.--David Einhorn

[Microsoft is] trapped in their own psychosis that the world has to revolve around Windows on the PC. Until they stop doing that, they will drag their company into the gutter.--Marc Benioff

Fortunately for Kerik, the trial is taking place in Federal District Court in White Plains, not in Manhattan, so he won't have spend the forseeable future confined to a cell in a building that was once named the Bernard B. Kerik Complex. That could have been a bit awkward.--Cityfile

Listening to the contemporary American left’s views of the rest of us is increasingly like listening a paranoid schizophrenic slip farther into delusions that they are surrounded by malevolent people.--Shannon Love

The people of Afghanistan, and most fervently its women, desire a long-term and consistent relationship with the United States and European democracies. We do not want to become another Vietnam.--Wazma Frogh

Policies to improve aid rely too much on a planning paradigm that tries to ignore, rather than change, the political economy of aid.--Owen Barder

... the paradox of development economics is that it’s the study of how to get rich without knowing how.--William Easterly

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