Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quotes of the day

When your behavior raises my taxes it becomes my business.--Scott Adams

France, long a champion of a heavy government hand in its economy, credits recent deregulation for its ability to grow in the third quarter while other economies shrank.--SEBASTIAN MOFFETT and DAVID GAUTHIER-VILLARS

The S.E.C. must, as they have always been, sort of been the overseer of everything that we do to keep us from injuring ourselves, as well as injuring the public.--Bernie Madoff

Actually, though, Madoff's accomplishment was to instill the same faith in a private sector firm that many people have in government. If his fund were a federal bureaucracy the scheme would have been a snap.--Larry Ribstein

The Wall Street we knew and loved was itself a structured product, one created by Congress 75 years ago, in which the investment banks were private.--Anonymous

But a successful president has to have two qualities. He has to be a good judge of people so that he can get really good people around him. And not be afraid to have really good people around him. Secondly, he has to know when to listen to them, and when not to. And that's judgment. Now, experience helps judgment, but I know a lot of people who are extremely experienced who have terrible judgment.--Brent Scowcroft

... to some extent Washington, D.C. is FDR's grave--or at least his monument.--David Henderson

... we’re only one FEC decision away from having blogging count as contributions-in-kind to election campaigns. Raise a toast to the First Amendment — it was nice knowing you.--Stephen Green

... you probably won’t get very many dates if the first thing out of your mouth is “Will you sign a prenuptial?”--Guy Kawasaki

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