Thursday, November 06, 2008

Predicted Similarities between Barack H. Obama and George W. Bush

1. Grow the size of government
2. Cut income taxes

3. Press for troops in Iraq
4. Press for troops in Afghanistan

5. Expand elderly entitlement program, to retain Florida electoral votes
6. Increase protectionism for manufacturers, to retain Ohio electoral votes

7. Mispronounce basic words for YouTube eternity
8. Get excoriated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi

9. Appoint scholarly Supreme Court Justices
10. See wife improve with botox treatments

11. See daughters' underage drinking and boyfriends gossip in the tabloids
12. Give up on the UN

13. Talk about how great friendship with Putin is
14. Talk about energy independence but do nothing about it

15. Blame economic challenges on predecessor
16. Blame cabinet members for own policy decisions and replace them

17. Grow the national debt
18. Gain a lot of facial wrinkles while losing some weight

19. Get lots of love early from Colin Powell, before jilting
20. Get plagiarized by Hillary Clinton

Did I miss anything?

21. Have hatchet-man in senior administration role to regularly carry the trash out

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