Saturday, November 17, 2007

BCWUW4 (be careful what you wish for)

Hillary's debate shadiness, by Don Surber:

That left is not pleased CNN’s handling of the Democratic debate in Las Vegas. I expect people like Allahpundit at Hot Air to nose around and discover the “townspeople” asking questions at the debate were Hillary plants. It is a given that Hillary will cheat like hell.

But the left is pouncing. It is going for the throat: CNN, the least trusted name in news. Marc Ambinder broke the story about the coed who was told to ask Hillary only an innocuous girly question about jewelry instead of grownup question on nuclear waste. Even then Hillary blew it by saying “both.”

We are seeing a rerun of 1992, when “60 Minutes” and others threw their reputations in front of the train to protect Bill from disclosures of bimbo eruptions and the like.

The difference is now the left is giving the Clintons heat. Maybe the left now realizes that it was had in the 1990s. There was no Hillarycare, no Kyoto and no gay marriage on Bill Clinton’s watch. In fact, the left was handed DOMA and welfare reform.

The irony is the lefties demanded the Democratic candidates boycott a Fox News debate in Las Vegas. How did that work out having Wolf Blitzer instead of Brit Hume question Hillary? How is it better to have Carville instead of Hannity and Colmes analyze the debate?

UPDATE: Doug Ross has more: all 6 "undecided" voters interviewed by CNN have strong ties to Clinton.

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