Friday, August 03, 2007

Jim Cramer blowing up on CNBC

Around 230pm I read this, about how Jimmy might have a bit of BSC in his p.a. (personal account). I was chuckling over the post when he made his regular appearance with Erin Burnett, almost popped an artery, and left Erin needing to mop the flecks of froth and spit off her front.

Cramer even used the word Armageddon, hoping to nudge Bernanke, Poole & Co. to nudge that fed funds rate back down. There is a good chance of that happening later in the year, but with BSC losing a third of its value in the last couple of months, I guess, for some, it is really is Armageddon right now.

I think it could get a lot worse than it is now, with the S&P slipping another 10% to under 1400. But that is still a rather gentle lull compared to 2001-2002.

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